We are THE experts at preparing highly detailed and organized physical inventories tailored to each claim. Our tried and true system utilizes a host of innovative methods, streamlining the contents claim process and positively impacting completion times and success rates.


Accuracy is important to you, and software is NOT the answer to precise commercial contents claim valuations. BSI provides efficient, thorough generation and review of claim values. From claim onset through the settlement process, we provide detailed, documented valuations for our respective clients.


BSI's salvage process accelerates the period of restoration and lowers business interruption exposure, all while maintaining the integrity of the insured's brand and reputation.

We offer maximum

salvage recovery while balancing all your other claim goals.


Expert testimony can make or break your outcome in a contents claim inventory or valuation dispute. Whether the dispute involves litigation, appraisal, arbitration, mediation, or subrogation, BSI experts have the knowledge and experience to assist your team.